Perioperative Nursing

If you are interested in Perioperative Nursing, please contact Program Coordinator, Kathy Cabai.

Program Overview

SURGT 4194 (6 credit hours) Perioperative Nursing Certificate - Includes:

      • SURGT 2000 (4 credit hours) Introduction to the Perioperative Arena
      • SURGT 2001 (2 credit hours) Perioperative Internship I
      • OPTIONAL: IN THE FOLLOWING SEMESTER *SURGT 2002 – (2 credit hours) Perioperative Internship II


  1. Must be Bachelor prepared Registered Nurse (BSN), licensed through the State of Illinois.
  2. Completion of Health Requirements, Background Check, and Drug Screen. (Details to follow in upcoming Program Information and Registration Packet).
  3. Proof of Healthcare Provider CPR course & Current Health Insurance.

The Perioperative Nursing certificate program will prepare students for a nursing career in a perioperative environment. This program will prepare nurses in a variety of perioperative roles that assist in preparing and assisting a patient during a surgical procedure. Nurses will be prepared to scrub and circulate in a variety of surgical subspecialties. This program will also prepare students for the Certified Nurse in the Operating Room (CNOR) exam. The program is a one semester, two course and certificate program, which is six semester credit hours. The course is offered in 16 weeks and requires a combination of class, laboratory, and clinical hours. You will be expected to do work outside of the scheduled class, lab, and clinical meeting times. The didactic portion of the course will be offered in an online format, including online assessments.

The Perioperative Nursing program is designed to provide the registered nurse with the basic fundamentals of perioperative nursing. This course will provide the student with didactic instruction in an online format, laboratory exercises, and clinical practice in preoperative patient assessment and diagnosis, surgical patient plan of care, cleaning, disinfecting, packaging, sterilization, transporting and storing instrumentation and supplies, emergency situations, management of personnel, services, and material, and professional accountability. This program will help prepare students for the Certified Nurse in the Operating Room (CNOR) exam.

*SURGT 2002 - Perioperative Internship II is an advanced practical experience in the perioperative arena. The concepts of preoperative nursing will be explored in-depth in conjunction with an advanced practical experience in an operating room.

This course is available to those students who have completed SURGT 2000 and 2001 who are looking for more clinical experience, and/or:

This course is available to those students who currently work in an operating room as a circulating nurse and would like surgical scrub experience.



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