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From Drivelines/Hydraulics/Hydrostatics and Urban Agriculture Issues to Artistic Expression, these are just a few of the new class offerings for Fall and Spring at College of DuPage.

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Fall 2017 - New Classes

Operating Room Patient Care Technician Principles
(ORPCT 1001 001)

Students will be introduced to the operating room patient care team and discover how to assist in providing quality surgical patient care. Students will focus on the role of the operating room patient care technician team, scope of practice, and specific duties of the operating room patient care technician.
Prerequisite: Surgical Technology 1000 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or concurrent enrollment in Surgical Technology 1000 and Nursing 1105 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent and consent of instructor is required.

Stress Management
(PHYS 1556 NET02)

Exploration of the dimensions, sources, and physiological responses to stress. Emphasis is on the development of skills and techniques for managing stress.

Ethical Considerations in Health Care
(SURGT 1000 NET01, NET02)

The various ethical issues and challenges experienced in the health care industry such as medical ethics, access and delivery of medical services, patient rights, knowledge information and record keeping
practices, information sharing and communication will be reviewed. Professional practices and employable skills will also be addressed.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor is required.

Spring 2018 - New Classes

Anesthesia Technology Clinical II

(ANES 1520 NET01)

Students will receive hands-on experience with a mentor to integrate advanced didactic knowledge for proper setup, breakdown, and assistance for general, regional, and procedural sedation cases of anesthesia technology practice in the clinical anesthesia setting. Prerequisite: Admission to the program is required. Anesthesia Technology 1501 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent and concurrent enrollment in Anesthesia Technology 1502 is required.

Seeing Animals

(ART 1823 007)

Considers how images of nonhuman animals in modern and contemporary visual arts, film, and literature reflect or challenge widely-held cultural attitudes towards animals, and our relationships with them. Field trips required.

Academic ESL Lang/Culture III

(ELS 0883 020)

Advanced-level academic/professional oral/aural skills and strategies for students whose first or primary language is not English. Emphasizes more complex transactions and conversation management skills in the context of decision-making and problem-solving tasks based on real-life, authentic situations. Focuses on such areas as communicating cross-culturally; agreeing, disagreeing and compromising; participating in discussions; explaining complex situations, and reporting sequences of events. Addresses the linguistic and cultural instructional needs of non-English-language-background students. Intended primarily for students who hold a high school certificate or its equivalent and have previously studied English in the United States or their native countries. May be taken up to three times for credit; course does not count toward GPA/graduation and is non-transferable.

Writing in the Community

(ENGLI 2115 005)

An in-depth study of the content, form, and function of the professional writing used in community organizations. Provides a solid foundation for students currently working or planning on working at a community organization. Special attention will be paid to public rhetoric for the purposes of communicating the missions of the community organization, such as attaining grants, fundraising, and establishing goodwill in the community. Includes instruction in rhetoric, research, and writing professional texts, such as grants, reports, proposals, advertisements, research requests, and presentations.                                   Prerequisite: English 1102 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or concurrent enrollment in English 1102 or consent of instructor.

Eye Care Assistant II

(EYE 1102 HYB02)

Students will build upon the concepts learned in Eye Care Assistant I. Additionally, the role of the eye care assistant in ocular surgery will be emphasized. Teachings include other topics such as ocular imaging procedures, optometrist/ophthalmic photography and visual aids for the partially sighted.                                                                        Prerequisite: Eye Care Assistant 1101 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent.


(HOSP 2240 001)

Wholesale and group tour operations, including the initiation and development of tours and vacation packages, generating group business via travel agency sales, marketing travel products to the retail industry, and reviewing documentation preparation. Basic theories and strategies related to tour escorting are covered.

Wedding Planning Management

(HOSP 2256 001)

The Wedding Planning Management course will concentrate on the planning of a wedding and follow through to the implementation of the event. The course will highlight the history of marriage, cultural and ethnic diversity in weddings, consumerism, venues, destination weddings, and stress management. The students will apply this learning through a business plan, marketing strategies, and client relations.

Women in the Arts: Culture and Artistic Expressions of Gender
(HUMNT 1104 001)

An interdisciplinary study of women throughout the world and their contributions to the arts and culture through the humanities. This course explores artistic creations as well as reflections of gender identity across place and time. With analyses informed by feminist and gender theories, at least three of the following--art, architecture, music, literature, history, philosophy, and the performing arts--will be studied in their artistic, historical, and cultural contexts with an eye towards discerning how gender informs their creation and message. Attendance at outside events may be required.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score - Category One

Polysomnography Board Review

(POLY 2307 NET01)

Students will complete a comprehensive review and update of theory for Polysomnography Technologist procedures. Upon successful completion of this course students will be prepared for the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (BRPT) exam.

Cognitive Psychology
(PSYCH 2215 001)

Study of development of humans from conception to death with emphasis on the scientific analysis of developmental patterns. Reviews research and major theoretical viewpoints on physical, cognitive, social, emotional, personality, career, and moral development. may be required.
Prerequisite: Psychology 1100

Spanish for Educators II

(SPANI 1113 HYB10)

Continues the development of basic conversational skills in Spanish to communicate effectively in educational settings. Continues to emphasize the ability to speak, understand, read, and write Spanish in cultural contexts. Role-plays and simulations will be used to prepare students to successfully engage with Spanish speakers in their schools and communities. For students who have successfully completed Spanish 1112 or equivalent, or one year of high school Spanish, or consent of instructor.

Non-Verbal Communication

(SPEEC 1820 010)

Study of communication theory and its application to nonverbal communication. Nonverbal skills will be explored, analyzed and practiced. Covers nonverbal communication as it relates to interpersonal communication, communication codes, emotion and power.


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