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From computers and writing to radiation therapy and nursing, these are just a few of the new class offerings for Fall at College of DuPage.

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Fall 2015 - New Classes


Introduction to Anesthesia Technology
(ANES 1501 NET01)

Exploration of anesthesiology's contribution to quality patient care and the relationship of the anesthesia technologist to other health care professionals. Focus is on the role of the anesthesia care team, scope of practice, specific duties of the anesthesia technologist.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and concurrent enrollment is required in Anesthesia Technology 1502 and Anesthesia Technology 1503.

Anesthesia Technology Fundamentals I
(ANES 1502 NET01)

Investigation into the theory and concepts of the surgical environment including a fundamental understanding of a variety of anesthesia equipment. Study of basic case set-up utilizing anesthesia supplies and equipment. In-depth exploration of the function and handling of anesthesia equipment, supplies for various surgical procedures including general cases, regional anesthesia, and procedural sedation.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and concurrent enrollment is required in Anesthesia Technology 1501 and Anesthesia Technology 1503.

Anesthesia Tech Clinical Practicum I
(ANES 1503 NET01)

The concepts of anesthesia technology will be applied towards a practical experience in an operating room. Students receive hands-on experience with a mentor to integrate didactic knowledge for proper setup, breakdown, and assistance for general, regional, and procedural sedation cases.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor and concurrent enrollment is required in Anesthesia Technology 1501 and Anesthesia Technology 1502.

Arabic Civilization & Culture
(ARABI 1100 015)

Introduction to Arabic culture and civilization as reflected in geography, history, economics, political institutions, literature, music, art, architecture, customs, and social institutions. Class conducted in English.
Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One.

Intermediate Arabic I
(ARABI 2201 005)

Continues to develop the ability to speak, understand, read, and write Arabic in a cultural context. Includes reading and discussion of modern texts, conversation, composition, grammar review, and cultural activities. Recommended for students who have successfully completed Arabic 1102 or equivalent or two years of high school Arabic or consent of instructor.

Diversity in Business
(BUSIN 1155 001)

Introduction to the role of diversity in the environment and functions of business. Surveys the impact of diversity on organizations, teamwork, strategy and customer relationships. Individual and group perspectives will be explored. Gender, race, ethnicity, generation, social class and other bases for diversity will be considered.

Intro Dyeing & Weaving
(FASHI 2820 002)

Explore textile design using natural dyes and basic weaving techniques. Techniques and processes will include indigo, sashiko, shibori, ikat, rust dying, silk felt, soari weaving, harness loom weaving. Students will design a final piece using their original fabric.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Principles/Firefighter Safety & Survival
(FIRE 2218 001)

Basic principles and history related to the national firefighter life safety initiatives, focusing on the need for cultural and behavior change throughout the emergency service.
Prerequisite: Fire Science 1100 with a grade of C or better or equivalent or consent of instructor.

German Culture Through Film
(GERMA 2820 005)

Exploration of the shifts of German culture from World War I to the contemporary age as seen through the medium of film. Course taught in English.
Prerequisite: Reading Placement Test Score-Category One.

The Auditory Mechanism
(HIDP 1101 001)

The Auditory Mechanism is an introduction to anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology and embryology, and development of the auditory and vestibular systems. Normal aspects of auditory physiology and behavior over the lifespan will be addressed.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program or consent of instructor

Acoustics and Hearing Science
(HIDP 1102 001)

Acoustics and Hearing Science will provide an overview of the basic properties of sound. Topics will also include the structures and functions of the auditory mechanism and their involvement in a wide range of the auditory perceptual phenomena, and how disorders with these components may lead to impaired auditory function.
Prerequisite: Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program 1101 or concurrent enrollment in Hearing Instrument Dispensary Program 1101 or consent of instructor.

4-Cycle Small Engine Repair/Maintenance
(HORT 1152 HYB01)

Principles of 4-cycle small engine repair, maintenance, troubleshooting, failure analysis and problem solving skills to repair and rebuild small engines used in landscape, industrial, and agricultural applications.

3D Landscape Design
(HORT 2213 001)

Visual interpretation and presentation of landscape design concepts using 3D Design Software. Create 3D models and presentation materials for multiple phases of landscape design projects.

Mental Health First Aid
(HUMAN 1140 NET01)

Students will be introduced to basic concepts and strategies for assisting people experiencing a mental health crisis.

BIM for Interior Design
(INTER 2215 001)

Computer drafting of interior spaces utilizing BIM (Building Information Modeling) software. Students will create multi-sheet projects including 3-D renderings.
Prerequisite: Interior Design 2211 with a grade C or better or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Tube Welding Fabrication Course
(MANUF 1820 001)

Welding fabrication class exploring the basic skills needed to notch, bend, form, and fit steel tube and sheet metal. The skills obtained in this course are applicable to motorsports based applications such as chassis and roll cage construction or many other tube and pipe assemblies. Prerequisite: WELD 1132 Gas Metal Arc (MIG) with a grade of "C" or better, or equivalent or Prerequisite: WELD 1142 Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) with a grade of "C" or better, or equivalent or Consent of Instructor.

Production Technology
(MANUF 2200 001)

The theory of process planning and process control in manufacturing. Emphasis is on the study of these concepts as they apply the manufacturing production process, safety, quality and continuous improvement, and maintenance awareness.

Consumer Behavior
(MARKE 2225 001)

Study of consumer need for goods and services. Surveys the impact of both internal and external forces on consumer decision making. Motivation, personality, attitudes, groups, social media, culture and other types of influences will be considered. Marketer's strategic responses to these influences will also be explored

Preparatory Mathematics for General Ed
(MATH 0465 001 and 002)

Content is designed to develop sufficient algebra proficiency for success in certain college-level general education mathematics courses. Collaborative project-based and technology-enabled group work includes modeling, problem solving, critical thinking, data analysis, algebra fundamentals, and both verbal and written communication of mathematical ideas.
Prerequisite: Mathematics 0460 (or college equivalent) with a grade of C or better, or a qualifying score on the math placement exam.

Courier TV News Production
(MPTV 1822 HYB01)

Provides hands-on experience with producing, directing, editing, and reporting for the weekly Courier TV newscast. Includes directing weekly newscast, editing and shooting news stories, preparing copy, and on-camera hosting for weekly newscast and portfolio.

Administrative Law/Immigration
(PLGL 2820 001)

Combined class exploring both the fields of Administrative Law and Immigration Law. The first part of the class introduces creation, structure, powers, and functions of administrative agencies. The second part of the class introduces visa categories and their requirements, other legal paths to immigration, and bars to immigration. Prerequisite: PLGL-1100 with a grade of C or better, or consent of instructor

American Sign Language I
(SIGN 1101 001 and 002)

Students are provided an introduction to American Sign Language. Sign comprehension, production, grammar, non-verbal communication techniques, and applicable vocabulary will be emphasized throughout the course. Deaf Culture and fingerspelling will also be introduced. American Sign Language I is designed for students with no experience with American Sign Language.

American Sign Language II
(SIGN 1102 001)

ASL II builds on vocabulary and further develops language comprehension and grammatical structure, acquired from ASL I, continuing with language comprehension and production skills at a complex level. Deaf Culture will be incorporated into language use.
Prerequisite: Sign 1101 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Fingerspelling and Numbers
(SIGN 1103 001)

Fingerspelling and Numbers -- An introduction to a manual depiction of the alphabet and numbering system in American Sign Language. Emphasis is on development of hand shape, basic word patterns, rhythm and fluidity. Additional focus is placed on fingerspelled loan signs and the ASL numbering system.