Career Services

Let College of DuPage help you work while you learn, learn while you work and find employment upon completing your studies.

College of DuPage Career Services Center

The center provides job search training and employee assistance. 

Service Learning

Service Learning blends classroom learning with community involvement. For more information contact Career Services: (630) 942-2230.

Cooperative Education and Internships

What is Cooperative Education (Co-op)?

Cooperative education (Co-op) provides a guided learning experience for students. It combines a triad of interacting pieces: the employer, the Co-op faculty advisor and the student to generate a unique learning environment. 

How does Co-op work?

Students who qualify meet with a Co-op faculty advisor to determine if a current or potential position offers appropriate level responsibilities to qualify as a Co-op position. The Co-op faculty advisor, the student and the workplace supervisor then work together to design a tailor-made learning experience for the student.

How does a person qualify for Co-op?

Student must have earned 15 semester hours in Business Management or related courses with a grade average of  "C" or better to qualify for Co-op.

How many Co-op credit hours can I apply toward my A.A.S. degree?

Students can apply one semester hour towards the A.A.S in Accounting degree.

How can I learn more about Co-op? 

To learn more about Co-op, students can contact the Cooperative Education Office, located in the Career Services Center, SRC 1490, (630) 942-2611; or Jeannie Folk, Accounting professor, (630) 942-3082, email:

Gainful Employment Information

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Contact Information

Maureen McBeth, Coordinator
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1732, (630) 942-2879

Bev Carlson, Program Support Specialist
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 1738, (630) 942-2140

Business and Technology Division
Technical Education Center (TEC), Room 1034, 630) 942-2592