Start the New Year off on the Right Foot, Register for a Spring Fitness Class

By: Angela Mennecke

Three students weight lifting in the PE building

Don’t wait until the New Year, register today for one of College of DuPage’s diverse range of in-person spring fitness classes including aerobics, body sculpting, cardio kickboxing, fitness walking, mixed martial arts, spinning, Pilates, water aerobics, weight training and yoga.

COD Fitness Instructor Sandy Kurby encourages students of all fitness abilities to try out a class.

“I would recommend taking a class that has a component of fitness that you are trying to improve or enjoy,” she said. “Whether it's to increase flexibility and promote recovery with gentle yoga, increase cardiovascular endurance with a spinning class, or improve muscular strength with a weight training class, there are modifications that can be made for all levels of fitness in our classes.”

Kurby said that one of the biggest benefits of taking a group fitness class as opposed to working out alone is accountability as well as camaraderie.

“When you have a class at a set time and engage with a group in a fitness class you are held accountable,” she said. “Even if you don't talk to others in class regularly, the overall energy of the room can help you get through a tough workout. All of our instructors are experts in our field, and we try to create a fun and positive atmosphere in all of our classes.”

One of the best ways to stick to a plan of exercising is to break down big goals and resolutions into mini goals, said COD Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Fitness and Sport Studies Stephanie Vlach.

 “When you notice progress, you can adjust your goals to continue to improve and have the confidence from the fitness you've gained along the way.”

The spring 2022 semester begins Monday, Jan. 24, and includes a 16-, 12- and two eight-week sessions.

Learn more about registering for classes at College of DuPage.