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Display Points AND a Letter Grade

Case Study

Margaret wants to see her student's running total points and the letter grade based on the running total.

By default, every course shell comes with two grade columns: Total and Weighted Total.  Margaret will modify the Total grade column in order to see the points and letter grade (either could be used).

The Total column displays the student's scores only. Click the chevron to see the menu for the Total grade column. Then select Edit Column information.

Select Letter from Secondary Display menu

Option for selecting yes or no for running total.

Margaret will now see her student's running score and a letter grade based on that running total.*

The Total column shows score and letter grade.

Keep in mind that students ONLY see the primary display; in this case, the score.


Caution!* Caution -- Running Totals can be dangerous!
Be very careful with running Total and running Weighted Total.  At the end of the semester, turn running Total and running Weighted Total to NO.  Otherwise, if a student has missed an assessment or failed to turn in an assignment and does not have a grade for that item in the Grade Center, the student's total score will be higher than deserved. 

If you decide to use running Totals at the end of the semester, you must enter a grade of 0 for any missed item. 

Letter Grade Point Breakdown
To adjust your letter grade point breakdown, go to the Grade Center and click Manage. Select Grading Schemas. Click the Modify button next to the word Letter and follow the instructions.

Video Tutorial: Changing the Default Grading Schema (USC)

or read Setting Up the Grade Center: About Grading Schemas.


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