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Extra Credit

Case Study

Carol wants to create an extra credit column for her course. She already knows how to designate extra credit questions in a test (see Tests: How to Award Extra Credit ). But this column is to be used for an optional paper which can earn students up to 10 points.

In order to be considered "extra credit," the column must be set up with a value of "0" points possible. Any points then added to the column will be added to the total column.

First, she will set up an Extra Credit category and then an Extra Credit column. Then she will include the new column in the Grade Center's Total column. Here's how:

Select Categories from Manage menu

Add Category button

Category is given the name, Extra Credit

You have created a category named "Extra Credit." Now you will create the column.

Create Column button is highlighted on main grade center screen.

A name is added to the Create Grade Column screen.

Primary Display is set to display Score and the Category is set to Extra Credit. A zero has been entered for Points Possible.

The options section.

The new column will appear in the Grade Center. It is automatically placed in the last position. If you want to adjust the position of this column (or any column), go to Manage and select Column Organization.)

10 extra credit points have been entered in the Extra Credit column. Notice the Total has automatically changed.

An shortened view of the grade center shows the students's name, Total column and Extra Credit column. Total=53 points and Extra Credit=10 points.

What about Weighted Grades?

The method described above does not work with weighted grades, because weighted grades are based on a 100% total. Generally, if extra credit is available in class with a weighted grade total, the extra credit must be manually figured.

You might try the method described by NIU, Weighted Grade Options.


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