Using Timed Tests in Blackboard

Curious about timed tests?
Here are some things you need to know:

Does the timer stop if a student leaves the test (without auto-submit)? If a student saves and exits a test, the timer continues. For example, if he begins the test on Tuesday, saves and exits it, then completes it on Thursday, his completion time will be 48 hours.

Set Timer

Select this check box to set a time limit for finishing the assessment. If you selelct this option, enter the amount of time to allow for the test or survey in the hours and minutes boxes. During the assessment, the time elapsed is displayed to students. As students approach the time limit, a one-minute warning also appears.

Selecting this option also records completion time, available in the Test Information section when the attempt is complete.

Test with Auto-Submit. If a student begins a 60 minute test at 1:00 and leaves the test at 1:30, the exam will automatically submit at 2:00.


If you set the timer, turning on Auto-Submit will save and submit the assessment automatically when time expires.


Test Availability Exceptions

Want to give a student more time on a test? You may select specific students (or groups) and make a number of exceptions to the already established Availability settings.

You can use exceptions to provide an accomodation to a disabled student or provide accomodations for technology and language differences. You can create exceptions for:

What about Force Completion?

The Force Completion setting may cause you unintended problems, and is NOT recommended. See Blackboard Tests and Force Completion for additional information.