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Blackboard Course Copy

 Course Copy

In order to copy course content in Blackboard, an instructor must be assigned to both the source course and the destination course. If the instructor is not assigned to both course, the Export/Import procedure must be used.

To copy a course, follow this step-by-step procedure:

  1. Open the course which has the content you want to copy.

  2. Turn Edit Mode - On.

  3. On the Control Panel, open Packages and Utilities.

  4. Click Course Copy.

    Course Copy link highlighed on the Control Panel.

  5. There are four sections on the Copy Course page.

    1. Select Copy Type: The option Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course should be selected.

    2. Tip: If you are having trouble finding the most recently created course shell when searching for the destination course, click the Created column header, and the courses will be sorted by date created.
    3. Select Copy Options: Click the Browse button.
      • A new screen, Courses, will appear.
      • To select the destination course, click the radio button next to the appropriate Course ID.
      • Once you have selected a destination course, click the Submit button.
      • The Course ID should now appear in the Destination Course ID text box.

      Next, click the Select All button.

      Select All button

      Leave the checked boxes as is.
      However, if there is a section you are sure you do not want, you may uncheck the box.Question:
      I do not have/use ____________ [adaptive release, blogs, group settings, etc.] in my course. Should I uncheck that box?

      No. It does not hurt the course to include items that you do not use. It is best to Select All and avoid having necessary links broken.

      Note: If you select Content and your course has graded assignments, tests, etc., be sure to also select Grade Center Columns and Settings. This allows all your linked assignments to be successfully copied and properly linked inside Grade Center in other course. This setting does not copy previously submitted student assignments.

      If you do not select both assignments/tests and Grade Center, working links will NOT be established inside the new course.

      You have the option to choose whether to a) include starter posts for each thread in each forum (authors of messages will be marked "Anonymous") or b) copy forums with all messages deleted.

    4. OPTIONAL. File Attachments: Click the Calculate Size button to see the size of the course. It is recommended that you do not copy more than 250 MB. Packages above 1 GB will not copy. You may choose to exclude files using the Manage Package Contents button. Or simply go to the Course Files area and delete material that is not being used (recommended).

    5. Submit: click Submit to start the copy process.

  6. You will see a green Success notice at the top of the next screen.

    Success: Course copy action queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete.

  7. Once you have received the email, enter the destination course and check that the course was copied successfully. Look for and correct any duplicate course menu items.

  8. Delete Old Discussion Posts found in the course.

  9. When your course is ready for students, be sure to Make Your Course Available (Blackboard - 1.5 minute video).


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