COD Information Technology

Blackboard and New Users

Want to get started using Blackboard?

Outlined below are basic steps for using Blackboard, beginning with obtaining your myACCESS login and password. Of course, if you are not a brand new COD instructor, you can skip to the second section.

Get myACCESS login and password

NOTE:  Your account is created within 3 business days from the time HR sends your information to IT.  Your account login and password works with COD email, myACCESS, InsideCOD, and Blackboard.

Login to Blackboard

Enter your course

NOTE: Once you have been assigned a course to teach by your Division, you will see the course listed in Blackboard the next day. 

Add information to your course

NOTE: Turn Edit Mode ON using the toggle switch at the top right of the page in order to enable instructor editing tools. Edit Mode OFF is the student view of your course. 

Unless you are assigned to teach an online course, please prepare your Blackboard course as outlined below:

  1. Add Syllabus Information
  2. Add Instructor Information
  3. Add a Welcome Announcement

If you are assigned to teach a COD Online course, you will be given a zip file containing course information to import. Follow these Import instructions and edit the course as needed. If needed, be sure to Delete Old Discussion Posts found in the course.

Open the course to Students

Students can not access the course until you make it available to them. After you have finished adding content, be sure to make the course available to students.