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Textbook Information

Where do I find it?

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What's new about it?

The Assign Textbook tool looks for textbooks by ISBN, title, author, or subject. Textbook information can also be entered manually if the textbook you searched for is unavailable.

How do I use it?

Textbook information can be added to any content area within a course.

  • Start by turning Edit Mode - On in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to a content area of the course.
  • Click the Assign Textbook button and select Search for Textbook.
  • Select the search category, enter Keywords, type of textbook, and click Go when you have entered all necessary information. The results are displayed.
  • Click Select to choose a textbook.
  • The Create Textbook screen will display.
  • Set the textbook to Required or Recommended.
  • Enter a description if needed. NOTE: Because the tool does not search COD's Bookstore, the given price probably won't be the same as the Bookstore price. You might use the Description text box to tell students that the given price is a "Suggested" price, and recommend that students check the Bookstore for the "real" purchase price or rental option.
  • Click Submit to add the textbook information.

If the search does not return the needed result, use the Manual Entry option from the Assign Textbook drop-down list to add the textbook information.


Adding Textbook Information (Blackboard - 2.5 minute video)

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