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Blackboard Release 9 - What's NEW?

Blackboard 9 will be available Spring Semester 2011!

If you've used previous versions of Blackboard, the first thing you'll notice when logging in to your course in Blackboard Release 9 is the new interface. The single page Control Panel is gone and has been replaced by a more conveniently located panel -- you'll find it on every screen!

All the tools are still in Blackboard; you will just find them in different places. Some of the tools have been upgraded and some new tools are now built-in to Blackboard, such as blogs and journals. Overall, the new interface is more streamlined and less "clicky."

Instead of displaying a separate confirmation page every time a user successfully completes something, Blackboard 9 acknowledges "success" on the same page.

For a brief overview about new or updated tools, use the links in the right menu. Each page addresses the following questions:

  • Where do I find it?
  • What's new about it? 
  • How do I use it?

The information on these pages is by no means complete. If you need more information about a particular tool or element, please:

As you explore Blackboard Release 9, remember these important key elements:

  1. Turn Edit Mode ON using the toggle switch at the top right of the page in order to enable navigation and editing tools. (Edit Mode OFF is the student view of your course.)
  2. Look for the double arrows ("chevrons") next to course menu items to find additional options or sub-menus.
  3. Use drag-and-drop to re-order menu items, course content, grade center columns, etc.
  4. Missing navigation menu? Don't panic! The navigation menu may be simply hidden or collapsed. What to do? Watch the Course Menu: Hidden or Collapsed video.

Need training?

The Teaching and Learning Center offers a number of helpful Blackboard workshops.

You may also contact the IT Help Desk, extension 4357, to set up an appointment if you need help with a particular area of Blackboard.

A note about the videos:

  • The Where do I find it? videos are very short by design. Many last less than a minute and only one is longer than 3 minutes. In general, they are simply intended to show you where a tool or option is located in Blackboard. Please review Blackboard Inc.'s excellent videos for more detail.
  • There is no audio for the videos except for the last part of Mashups.
  • You may ask if you need to turn Edit Mode - On every single time you want to do something in Blackboard. No, of course not. But for many instructor tasks, you do need to turn Edit Mode-On, so this process has been shown in each video to get instructors familiar with this option.


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