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Blackboard Release 9 - What's NEW?


Where do I find it?


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What's new about it?

The Groups tool retains previous capabilities, but has added significant improvements:

  • When adding groups, instructors can now create any number of groups at once (instead of one at a time).
  • Students can manually assigned or randomly be assigned to groups. Or students can be asked to sign-up themselves for an established group.
  • If the instructor allows, students can create their own self-enrollment groups.
    have the option of modifying or restricting access to these student-created
  • In additiona to group file sharing, email, and discussion boards, instructors may now give students access to a group calendar, tasks, blog, and/or journal.

How do I use it?

  • Start by turning Edit Mode ON in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On the Control Panel, click Users and Groups and then select Groups.
  • On the Groups page, decide whether you will create a group one-at-a-time or a set of groups. Mouse over Create Single Group or Create Group Set to see additional options.
  • With either option, you then choose whether students will be allowed to add themselves to a group (Self-Enroll), or whether you will assign students to a group (Manual Enroll). Random Enroll is also available under the Create Group Set option.


Create a Group (Blackboard - 3 minute video)

Creating Group Sets (Blackboard - 3 minute video)

Getting Started with Groups (.pdf)

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