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Blackboard Release 9 - What's NEW?

Course Home Page (Module Pages)

Where do I find it?


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What's new about it?

Blackboard 9 introduces a new content page type, Course Module Pages. Module Pages contain information for instructors and students about new content and due dates for the current course. While Modlule Pages may be individually created as needed, the Course Home Page is a module page that is automatically created for all new course shells.

By default, the automatically created page is named "Home Page" and contains modules such as "My Announcements," "What's New," "My Calendar," and "My Tasks." Instructors may use drag-n-drop controls to rearrange the order and contextual menus to refresh the information. Additional course modules may be added.

Access is controlled by the instructor, but the instructor can allow students to personalize the page.

View of the default Home Page

How do I use it?

  • Course shells created after the switch to Blackboard 9 will automatically include a Home Page within the course. The Home Page is set as the Course Entry Point by default. If you want another page to be Course Entry Point, see Course Design Settings.
  • Course shells created before the switch to Blackboard 9 will not automatically include a Home Page. It is easy to create one:
    • In the Course Menu, click the + sign at the top of the menu and select the option Create Module Page.
    • Give the Module Page a name such as, Home Page.
    • Make the page available by checking the Available to Users box.
    • Click Submit.
    • On the new page, click the Add Course Module button.
    • On the Add Module page, select any modules you would like your students to see.
    • Click Submit when finished.
    • To set the Home Page as the Course Entry Point, see Course Design Settings.
  • Items on a module page may be moved by drag-and-drop.
  • Use the tiny icons on the top of a Course Module to Manage, Collapse, or Close a module. The instructor may allow students to personalize their view. However, if personalization is not allowed, the instructor controls the student view entirely. Therefore, if the instructor closes the module, it is removed from the student view. If the module is collapsed, the module is collapsed for the student, and the student may be unable to expand it.
    Three icons at the top of the course module item identified as Manage, Collapse, and Close.
  • In order for information to display to students in the To Do module, a Due Date must be applied to the item. Due dates can be added by editing columns in the Grade Center. Instructors do not see items in the To Do module.
  • The What''s New module contains links to any new content, such as announcements, assignments, tests, surveys, newly graded items, Mashups, and unread Discussion Board messages.
  • The To Do module is divided into What's Past Due and What's Due. This module provides a chronological listing of upcoming due dates.
  • Items in the What's New and To Do modules can be opened or dismissed. When an item is opened, the student is taken directly to the content. If a student chooses to view a recently graded item, the student is taken to the My Grades tool.
  • The Needs Attention module is helpful for instructors as it displays newly submitted assignments, tests, or surveys. Students also get notification in the Needs Attention module of newly posted grades.


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Confused by the names?
Modules Pages are new to Blackboard. Don't confuse them with Learning Modules or Course Modules.

  • Learning Modules are used to display content with a customizable Table of Contents. These were called "Learning Units" in previous versions of Blackboard.
  • Course Modules are elements such as "My Calendar" or "Needs Attention" which are displayed within a Module Page.
  • Module Pages are content pages which contain Course Modules. A course often contains a Module Page named Course Home.

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