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Where do I find it?


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What's new about it?

Celebrate! Blackboard 9 has greatly improved course file management!

Files/pictures, etc. may be uploaded using the same procedures that are familiar to users of previous Blackboard versions, but there is an important new way the files are stored.

Like before, when embedding or attaching a file, an instructor selects a file from the local computer. Now, instead of the attached files being stored in a "hidden" file system, files from the local computer are uploaded automatically into the (new) Course Files area. This allows instructors to see, manage, and re-use the files in other parts of their course. An instructor can now upload a file once and use it in multiple areas of the course.

As if this wasn't enough, here are other new capabilities:

  • When attaching files to content items, instructors can select multiple files from multiple folders in the Course Files area.
  • Because a file may be re-used in a course, the new 360 View lets the instructor see all of the places that any given file has been used as well as the full path in the course to that content item.
  • A link to a file can be included in one or more areas in a course.
  • When a link to a file in Course Files is deleted from a course, the file is not deleted.
  • When a file in Course Files is renamed or moved, any links to the file will remain intact.
  • In addition to adding files by attaching them directly to course content items, instructors can upload files directly to Course Files.
  • Instructors can upload a single file from the local computer using Browse, or they can upload multiple files or entire folders from the local computer using Browse or by dragging the items from the desktop to the interface (This is an advanced feature -- additional set-up required.) Instructors can also upload a package of HTML files to be unpackaged automatically into Course Files.
  • In Course Files, users can switch between View List, which lists the files in a directory, and the new View Thumbnails, which shows a resizable thumbnail of image files. All non-image files will display the appropriate icon for the file type.
  • The organization of files in Course Files has no impact on how they appear when linked to from a course.

How do I use it?

  • Start by turning Edit Mode ON in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On the Control Panel, select Files to see the sub-menu. Either enter a search term to locate a file or click the double arrow (chevron) to the right.
  • The Course Files screen will open. Using the row of buttons near the top of the screen, you can upload items, create items, and create folders.


Course Files Tour (Blackboard - 7 minute video)

Attaching Course Files to a Content Item (Blackboard - 2 minute video)

Adding Web Content Through Course Files (Blackboard - 3 minute video)

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