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Blackboard Release 9 - What's NEW?


Where do I find it?


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What's new about it?

Blackboard 9 introduces built-in Blogs!

Individual Blogs provide each student with his or her own area to publicly share thoughts and work with others in the Course and to receive comments and feedback on entries. Avatars added by students will be displayed in their public space to help personalize the page.

Course Blogs allow all users in the Course to share their thoughts and work in one common area that everyone can read and comment on. All entries are posted to the same page to help promote collaboration among all Course members. Users can add entries and comment on entries anonymously to maintain privacy.

Group Blogs allow groups of Students to collaboratively post thoughts and comment on each others’ work while all other users in the Course can view and comment on their entry.

In each of these cases, students create entries, which are added to their Blog. The entries can be saved as drafts or published and then edited later. When entries are added to the Blog, they are added automatically to an index organized by date. A "New" indicator is displayed on entries and comments that the user has not yet opened. Entries also can be marked as "New" again to create a reminder.

How do I use it?

  • Start by turning Edit Mode ON in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Open a content area where you wish the link to the Blog to appear.
  • Select Blog from the Add Interactive Tool action bar button.

Alternately, instructors may access the Blog Tool from the Course Tools menu on the Control Panel.


What is the difference between a Blog and a Journal?

  • A Journal is an on-going reflection or record of events by an individual or set of individuals.
  • A Blog is a commentary by an individual or set of individuals that is available for class review and comment.

Can I make a Blog public?

No. The privacy of students' course work needs to be respected. Opening this tool to the outside world may violate privacy laws.

Can Instructors grade individual Blog entries?

No. Blogs are only gradable as a single grade per student as opposed to an individual grade for each entry.

How are Blogs graded?

Instructors can enter grades for Blogs for individuals and for groups within the Blog area without having to navigate to the Grade Center, or they can enter them directly in the Grade Center. This enables Instructors to enter grades within the Blog so that the grading process is completed in context. All grade entries made within the Blog area are automatically added to the Grade Center.

In addition to entering a grade, instructors can enter grading notes and submit feedback to the student. The grade and instructor feedback is visible to students, but the grading notes are not visible. For Group Blogs, instructors can assign a Group-wide grade that applies to all group members or assign individual grades for each student. Instructors also have the flexibility to override the group grade for particular students.

How do students view their Blog grades?

Students can view their grades for Blogs a within the Blog area or in My Grades. Students will see their grade as well as any feedback provided by the instructor.

Creating a Blog (Blackboard - 2 minute video)

Creating and Editing Blog Entries (Blackboard - 2 minute video)

Commenting on a Blog Entry (Blackboard - 1.5 minute video)

Using the Text Editor (Blackboard - 3 minute video)


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