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Blackboard Release 9 - What's NEW?


Where do I find it?

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What's new about it?

There are several improvements!

  • Multiple Attempts. Instructors can allow students multiple attempts at the same assignment. The Instructor can grade each attempt individually. This promotes the learning process and allows instructors to track progress.
  • Additional Attempts. Instructors have the ability to give specific students an additional attempt at an assignment in order to accommodate extenuating circumstances.
  • Submission Field. Students have access to a "Submission" field in addition to the "Comment" and attachment areas. This new field allows students to provide text and links to online documents and websites.
  • Submission History. The Submission History provides a quick recap of the submission content, feedback, comments, grades and participants of each submission. This allows students to see what they have completed and allows instructors to view the progress made throughout the lifecycle of the assignment.
  • Release Assignments to Groups. The Assignments feature has been expanded to Groups so that a set of students can work together on one deliverable.
  • Group Grades. If a Group completes an Assignment, the instructor can grade one student’s submission and submit the same grade to all students within the Group. The instructor also has the ability to provide each student an individual grade overriding the group grade.

Important NoteImportant

With the improvements, there is an important change. In previous versions of Blackboard, students clicked on the course title or the View/Complete link to view the assignment. In this version of Blackboard, there isn't a View/Complete link.

Therefore, if your Assignment instructions say something like "Click the View/Complete link" please consider removing that wording.  Students will simply click the linked Assignment title to access the assignment.

How do I use it?

  • Start by turning Edit Mode - On in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • On any content page, click the Create Assessment button, select Assignment, and choose the appropriate options.
  • To grade an assignment, go the Grade Center and look for assignments that need grading. Blackboard will indicate anyungraded assignments with a green exclamation mark.

If you want the assignment to display in the student's To Do list (or Needs Attention), Due Dates must be assigned.


Getting Started with Assignments (.pdf from Blackboard)

Adding an Assignment (.pdf from Southwestern College)

Using the Text Editor (Blackboard - 3 minute video)

Downloading Assignments (Blackboard - 2 minute video)

Using SafeAssign (Blackboard - 3 minute video)

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