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Smart Views: Identify students based on criteria

Case Study

Joe wants to identify students who perform poorly on the first exam. To do this, he can quickly create a Smart View to filter students by score. In this case, Joe wants to identify students who earned less than 20 points out of 40 points possible on the first exam.

Here's how Joe creates and sees this smart view:

The user clicks the menu and then select Smart Views.

Create Smart View button on the Smart Views screen

Create Smart View screen with Name and Description entered

The selection criteria has been chosen for this case.

On the Smart View page, the new smart view is listed. The smart view can be further modified or removed from this screen.

The smart view titled Exam 1-Poor is displayed on the Smart View screen.


Using a Smart View

Since Joe made this Smart View a favorite, he can access it from Grade Center section in the Control Panel.

Exam 1- Poor smart view is shown on the Control Panel under Grade Center.

Or, any Smart View can be accessed from the Grade Center main page using the Filter button..

The Filter menu. Exam 1 Poor smart view is highlighted.

A list of students who meet the Smart View's criteria (e.g., score on Unit 1 Exam is less than 20 points) will be displayed.

In the example below, note that the Current View of the Grade Center is Exam 1- Poor. Two students are listed since they meet the criteria from the Smart View (a score below 20/40 points).

A screenshot showing the Current View has changed to Exam 1 Poor. Two students are listed because they have scores less than 20 out of 40.

To return to the Full Grade Center view, mouse over the Current View menu and select Full Grade Center.

As described above, Performance allows an instructor to look at performance criteria on a single item such as an exam.

Other Smart Views allow other criteria to be examined:


Creating Smart Views (Blackboard 3:30 video tutorial)

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