Blackboard: Export Course

The Export Course process creates a package of course content that can later be imported into another Blackboard course using the Import Package option. The Export Course process does not include any scores or assignments from students in the current course. It includes content, settings, and tools.

To prepare an Export Package:

  1. Enter a course
  2. Turn Edit Mode - On.
  3. Go to the Control Panel.
  4. Click Packages and Utilities.
  5. Click Export/Archive Course.

    Export link on the Control Panel

  6. Click Export Package.

    Export button highlighted on the Export/Archive Course Screen

  7. On the Export Course screen, scroll to Section 3. Click the Select All button.

    It is highly recommended to keep the automatic selection, even if you aren't sure about a particular option. Please understand that content sections which include graded items (e.g., assignments or tests) are connected to Grade Center Columns and Settings. If you do not copy the Grade Center, these graded items will not be copied.

  8. Click Submit.

    when the process is complete.

After the Export Course page is submitted, the system creates a course package (a zip file). When the package is complete, the instructor receives an email.  This usually only takes a few minutes.

To Save an Export Package:

Once the email is received, go to the Control Panel and click on the Export/Archive Course link again.

Export link on the Control Panel

(OR, click Refresh if you are still on the Export/Archive Course screen.)

  1. On the Export/Archive Course screen, you should see a new link starting with the word "ExportFile."

    Export File link

  2. Click the chevron next to the file name and click either View Basic Log or View Detailed Log. 
  3. A new window will open, titled Log.
    1. If a "Warning" or "Error" is listed here (or in the email), the Export may not have been completed successfully.  This is often due to not checking all of the checkboxes (see step 5 above).  Sometimes an instructor has a reason for not including all of the checkboxes, but if this is not the intention, it is best to start over with a new Export file. Delete the export file by clicking the arrows next to the file name and selecting Delete. Return to Step 3 above.  If help is needed to understand the error message, please contact the Help Desk.
    2. If no "Warning" or "Error" is listed, the Export was successful.
  4. Click the ExportFile link (i.e. the actual words).
  5. A dialog box asks if the file should be opened or saved. Click Save.
  6. Save the zipped course to your hard drive or onto a removable storage device (CD, DVD, Flash drive, etc.) Remember where you saved it!

Keep in mind that Course Export does not export any student data including discussion forum postings, grades, student assignment or test submissions.

Never try to edit the zip file.  There is nothing you should edit and this action could make the package unstable and unpredictable upon import.

If the resulting zip file is small enough, it can be emailed to another instructor for use.


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