COD Information Technology

Blackboard: Downloading Grades from the Grade Center

If you want use Blackboard to record your grades and then print them to turn in, you'll need to know how to download the Grade Center.

Watch the Download Grades video for step-by-step instructions, or follow the steps below to download your grades:

  1. Open a course in Blackboard and navigate to the Control Panel.
  2. In the Grade Center section, open the Full Grade Center.

    Grade Center

    Full Grade Center

  3. After the Grade Center opens, click Work Offline (far right) and select Download.

    Click the Work Offline button, then choose Download

  4. The Download Grades screen will appear. In Section 1, for Select Data to Download, click the radio button, Full Grade Center. 

    Click button for Full Grade Center

  5. In Section 2, be sure Tab is selected. Decide if you want to see Hidden Information.

    Options Section: Choose Tab

  6. Click the Submit button in Section 4.
  7. On the next screen, click the Download button.

    Click the Download button.

  8. A dialog box asks if you want to open or save the file.  Click Open

    Open or Save (Firefox)
    Sample Save/Open screen from Firefox
    Open or Save (Internet Explorer)

    Sample Save/Open screen from Internet Explorer

  9. Excel will open with the class roster and grades. Note:  When opening the Excel file, you may receive a warning, similar to the one below.  Click the Yes button.

  10. Excel will open and display the class list and student scores. Now you must save the document.
  11. Save the file by clicking File in the upper menu. Select Save As.

    Click File then Save As in Excel
  12. Navigate to a location to save the file.
  13. Enter a file name (refer to Division guidelines).
  14. Important! In the Save as type box, select Excel Workbook from the dropdown menu. Do NOT use the default selection, Unicode Text.

    Click the Save As dropdown menu

  15. Click Save.

You may send this saved file to your Division as an electronic record of your students' grades.