To customize your Course Menu:

  1. Enter Blackboard and open the course.
  2. Edit Mode - On.
  3. Find the square with a plus sign at the top your your course menu. Mouse over the plus sign.
    1. To create a content area, click Content Area.
      1. Enter a name (such as Assignments).
      2. Check box for Available to Users.
      3. Click Submit.
    2. To create a link to a tool, click Tool Link.
      1. Enter a name (such as My Grades or Discussion).
      2. Use the drop down menu to find the proper tool Type (such as My Grades or Discussion Board).
      3. Check box for Available to Users.
      4. Click Submit.

The new link appears at the bottom of the Course Menu.

To re-order items, click and drag the vertical two sided arrows (left side of the course menu item) and reposition to a new location. As you drag, a dotted rectangle will indicate where the item will be placed when you let go of the item.