Accelerator Cohort Program Application


  • C-level leader: small business owner or co-owner
  • Business Criteria – 2 + 2 + 2:
    • In operation for at least  two years
    • Revenues at least $200,000 in the most recent fiscal year
    • A minimum of two employees. Owner(s) may be included in this count.


  • Commitment to complete all 12 sessions and outside homework
  • Complete out of class assignments
  • Active participation in sessions and peer-peer activities
  • Agreement to leave cell phone at the door
  • Agree to completion of initial assessment and follow up assessments 


After you fill out the form below you will receive a confirmation message along with a confirmation email message. 

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Business and Business Ownership

The following questions address potential socio classification of business.

Current Financials. Submit a current balance sheet, profit/loss by responding to the confirmation email with it as an attachment.

Select all that apply to your current marketing strategy plan:

Describe current marketing strategy plan including details:


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