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Soft Target Hardening: From Theory to Practice

This HSTI Live Event will challenge your existing security measures to see if they rise to meet current and emergent threats. We will provide prescriptive information, tools and best practice information to assist. We plan to ask tough questions about your approach to safety and security. What proactive measures do you take to protect your employees and your workplace? What systems are in place to protect infrastructure and people from attack? What are your emergency plans and how familiar are employees with procedures? Is there appropriate crisis response training and programmed drills? Register to view the archived Soft Target Hardening: From Theory to Practice webinar.

Northern Illinois University Active Shooter Incident: A First Responders Perspective For Law Enforcement and Campus Police Departments

This four-hour seminar will examine the February 14, 2008, shooting that took place on the Northern Illinois University Campus. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois killing five people and injuring another twenty-one, before committing suicide. Listen to the first responders as they discuss the initial response, the investigation and the aftermath of this incident. Register to view the archived NIU Active Shooter Incident webinar.

Domestic Terrorism: The Lone Wolf Threat

This informative and interactive workshop will explore one of the greatest domestic terrorism threats within the United States: Lone Actor Terrorism. This workshop will also provide an open discussion with a panel of experts regarding how communities, businesses, churches, schools and law enforcement agencies can engage to prevent lone wolf attacks in the future. Register to view the archived Domestic Terrorism: The Lone Wolf Threat webinar.

Countering Violent Extremism

This HSTI Live event examines this phenomenon and provides ideas on minimizing the effects of this type of ideology within the United States. Recent real-life case studies enables viewers to recognize the motivations of individuals who may be on the verge of terrorist involvement. Additionally, the course will incorporate the identification of extremist imagery and how the sophisticated use of the Internet, specifically through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, assists in solidifying support for insurgent operations at home and abroad. Register to view the archived Countering Violent Extremism webinar.

Soft Target Hardening: Keeping Communities Safe

In this webinar, soft targets will be examined, as well as the vulnerabilities that they posses. Methodologies for planning and hardening against attacks on these targets will be reviewed in order to allow attendees to go back to their communities and incorporate these methodologies into their community. Register to view the archived Soft Target Hardening: Keeping Communities Safe webinar.


In this webinar, four subject matter experts will put it all in perspective by explaining cybersecurity in simple terms. They will discuss the numerous challenges it poses to law enforcement, providing case studies, discussing cyber resiliency, and summarizing the international cybersecurity threat landscape by reviewing the findings from the Microsoft Intelligence Report, Volume 23, which was released to the public on March 15, 2018. We will look at how Microsoft assisted in the takedown of the Gamarue botnet, discuss what organizations can do to avoid being an "easy mark" and provide an update on the latest attack trends and defenses. To view, go to