Workplace Violence Assessment and Response

This class provides an overview and detailed explanation of workplace violence topics. We will explore the components of current topics, how to classify and respond to all threats in the workplace. The intended audience is Crime Prevention Officers, Corporate Security/Physical Security professionals, HR professionals, any business owner with an interest in improving their workplace violence knowledge and response protocols. We will explore the most recent trend of how domestic violence negatively influences the workplace and strategies to prevent this destructive influence. The goal of this advanced course is to provide the participant with a concrete, useful and working knowledge of threat mitigation and response. This class is designed to provide the participant with the necessary skills and knowledge to become actively involved in the mitigation of threats and how to implement a Crisis Response Model to ensure workplace safety and limit liability for the municipality and/or business.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the direct relationship between Domestic Violence and the potential impact on the workplace
  • Cultivate an awareness of "bullying" behavior and how that can cause an adverse and hostile work environment
  • Develop a comprehensive Workplace Violence Program for municipal governments and Large and small organizations
  • Illustrate the need to have a broad spectrum Crisis Response Team available to handle and direct the response of a serious incident
  • Learn the how to handle and identify High Risk Terminations
  • Course instructor will present topics in classroom and develop working scenarios for the class to work through in order to apply lessons learned
  • Learn a broad range of intervention strategies for handling potentially dangerous current and former employees

Wednesday, Dec. 13
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Fee: $149
SSG Miller Homeland Security Education Center (HEC)

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