Supervising and Managing the Field Training and Evaluation Process

Hours: 32
Tuition: $400

Program Information:

This hands-on, problem-based learning course is designed for first-line patrol and administrative support services managers responsible for supervising and managing field training officers (FTOs) and probationary law enforcement employees. Instruction emphasizes the necessary components of supervising probationers and FTOs at the patrol shift level to ensure that administrative guidelines and legal requirements are met.                                                                              Two essential supervisory responsibilities are highlighted: the ability to comprehensively examine probationer performance documentation in accordance with the standardized Field Training and Evaluation Process (FTEP) assessment guidelines; and auditing the probationer's on-the-job training to ensure the field training unit utilizes the most appropriate instructional techniques for training task mastery and when necessary, corrective action.                                                                               

Topics Include:

  • Recruitment, testing, selection and training of FTO's
  • FTO scheduling issues/resource allocation
  • Preparing probationer employment status reports/recommendation
  • Conducting the weekly performance summary process meeting
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the field training officer and FTO process


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