Street Interview Skills for Patrol Officers

A successful street interview can be the key to making an arrest, a contraband seizure, or identifying criminal behavior. Interview-skilled patrol officers can often assist investigation divisions with information they obtain at the street level. Learn how to ask the right questions, elicit information from subjects and recognize truthful and deceitfulness during street encounters. Discover how your own behavior and perceptions can act as stumbling blocks, hindering a successful street interview. Class will include lecture, practical skills and scenarios.

Note: This is not an investigations interview/interrogation class. This is a street skills course, specifically designed for uniformed patrol officers in non-arrest and pre-arrest situations on the street.

Virtual Classroom online

Topics Include

• Recognizing patterns of kinesics (body motion communication)
• Understanding neurolinguistics and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
• Using questions to expand the scope of traffic stops and Terry encounters
• Understanding what control and choice questions are
• Employing a statement validity checklist during street encounters

Monday, Sept. 28, 2020
Hours: 8
Tuition: $149
Virtual Classroom online

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