Open Source Intelligence Techniques

Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Corporate Security Personnel will learn the skills needed to conduct internet-based investigations.  Students will learn about the current publicly available Open Source Investigative Techniques (OSINT) that can be used in intelligence gathering will be discussed.  Law Enforcement Officers will gain valuable insight in learning new ways to gather intelligence from public or open sources available without the need for subpoenas or search warrants. 

This course will be a one-day class (8 hours)

Topics Covered

  • Current open-source websites where intelligence can be gathered
  • Creating social media/online identities to hide your identity
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Advanced Google Searches
  • Dark Web Investigations

Date and Time

Check back for future dates.
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Hours: 8
Fee: $149

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