Police Mountain Bike Program

Proper training is essential to an officer's on-the-job performance and safety. It is also critical in reducing liability. Instruction includes emergency vehicle operations for bike officers, as well as topics such as patrol procedures, tactics, night operations and basic maintenance Designed to enable officers to concentrate on their duties, not their riding, the police cyclist program is centered on skill development. Discussion also includes basic fitness and nutrition,clothing and personal protective equipment, patrol procedures and tactics, and equipment selection. Through lectures, skill stations and scenarios, officers learn ways to maximize their effectiveness within the communities they serve.

Prerequisites: Applicants must be law enforcement officers currently assigned to bike patrol, officers applying to become members of a bike unit, or members of a department considering use of the bicycle.

Topics Include

  • Braking
  • Dynamic mounts and dismounts
  • Curb/stair ascents and descents
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Slow speed and balance

Tuesday to Friday, August 18 to 21, 2020 

Hours: 32
Tuition: $325

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