Marijuana Based DUI

Marijuana Based DUI Arrests (with emphasis on the 2020 recreational law)

Program Information:

Illinois becomes a recreational marijuana state on January 1, 2020. The potential of police officers encountering cannabis impaired drivers will increase. While current DUI laws include cannabis impairment, officers still need to understand the use and application of the basic identifiers for marijuana impairment.

This one-day course is for patrol officers who want to expand their DUI arrests beyond the traditional, alcohol-based DUI traffic arrests. This course will focus on the 625 ILCS 501 (A) (4) and (A) (7) DUI arrests, and will examine the new cannabis laws.

Officers will learn how to recognize the specific and unique clues of individuals under the influence of cannabis. These include eye clues, physical mannerisms, and other distinct signs and symptoms indicating cannabis use as the basis for the arrest.

The course is also appropriate for patrol supervisors who want to expand their understanding of these types of arrests for report and arrest protocols and approval.

Content will include making the arrest after a "bad driving" stop, completing the sworn report and warning to motorist, writing the basic report, and testifying in court.

Fee: $149

Topics Include:

  • How to recognize the clues of drivers under the influence of cannabis
  • How to test for and recognize
  • Eye tremors
  • Reflex/Rebound dilation
  • Binocular vision
  • Over dilation
  • Strabismus
  • Recognizing physical "tells" of subjects under the influence of cannabis
  • The proper procedure for collecting urine specimens in police stations
  • Writing an effective DUI cannabis report
  • Seizing and processing contraband as part of the arrest
  • How to testify in court for
    • PTR hearings
    • DUI trials

The instructor for this course will be Monee (IL) police officer H. Michael Drumm, DPA. Dr. Drumm is a training specialist for Bruce R. Talbot Associates. He has been qualified as an expert witness in the 12th Municipal Circuit Court of Will County in detecting individuals who are driving under the influence of cannabis.


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