Financial Crimes Against the Elderly for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement, senior officers, financial crimes investigators, analysts, and victim advocates gain an understanding of the various types of frauds, scams and abuse that occur against senior citizens. Look at the different types of financial crimes against seniors and explore financial exploitation by relatives and caregivers. Financial crimes include lottery and sweepstakes, telemarketing, work at home scams, mail fraud, investment, home repairs, confidence games and face to face contact. Discuss the current ruse burglaries, home repairs and grandma scams against senior citizens. Instruction covers shutting down the phone numbers used by fraudsters, as well as state and federal violations that can be used against scammers. This course provides the necessary materials and sources of information to assist officers in their investigations and covers steps to take to aid senior citizens who are victims of financial crimes

Virtual Classroom meets online via Zoom.

Topics Include

  •  Assisting the elderly to protect themselves from abuse by family members and caretakers
  •  Using web sites to obtain educational materials about financial exploitation and prevention
  • Employing a network of contacts and resources to aid investigations

Date & Time

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Virtual Classroom meets online via Zoom
Tuition: $149
Hours: 8

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