Computer Crimes for the Patrol Officer

Date & Time

Monday, March 16, 2020
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
SSG Miller Homeland Security Education Center (HEC)

Tuition: $149
Hours: 8

Program Information

In the information age, first responders need to possess basic knowledge of how to document and investigate a crime committed using a computer or via the Internet. Discuss the most prevalent crimes, including identity theft, cyberbullying, sexting, Nigerian 419 scams, middleman scams, online auction fraud and sex crimes. Learn how to identify, obtain, seize and document electronic devices, as well as identify and trace an Internet Protocol (IP) address. Explore investigative techniques to locate evidence using the Internet, victim's computer and legal process.
First responders will be provided with resources and methods on how to refer a case to another agency and author a report.

Topics Include

  • Examining laws related to cybercrimes
  • Examining digital pictures and photos
  • Interpreting data and identifying an offender
  • Investigative resources, such as the National White Collar Crime Center
  • Internet crime prevention


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