Study in Japan

Summer Study in Japan


2020 Spring Field Study Program

Kyoto, Japan: Blooming Cherry in New Era 

Japanese 1100: 3 semester hours; Syllabus with detailed information about course assignments and requirement will be available upon request.

Classroom meeting: Tuesdays: March 10th and March 24th    5:30pm~7:50pm    (Attendance for both classes is required!)

This 10-day field trip to Japan examines its traditional cultural values by visiting major parks and gardens for flower ("Sakura" Cherry Blossoms), temples, shrines as well as castles.  Students can also have an opportunity to observe some traditional theaters and ceremonies while participating in some cultural practice sessions.  As these traditional setting plays very important roles in New Era “REIWA,” students can taste both ancient and modern culture at the same time in the former capital city of Japan. This is a great cultural experience led by a full-time native Japanese instructor originally from Kyoto, Japan. The field experience takes place 3/27/2020-4/5/2020.

A fee of $2,899 includes air, most domestic transportation, entrance fee, performance ticket, cultural activity fee, and accommodations with breakfast. Other meals are not included. Tuition is extra.

The instructor will help making an arrangement for those who want to extend the trip in Japan after completing this field study program if discussed before registering.

Note: Students are advised that this trip would require some walking in streets and steps. (Ask Shingo Satsutani if you have some concern about this.)

For more information, contact Shingo Satsutani at (630) 942-2019 or

Fee Payment Schedule:

  • $500 due upon registration
  • $1,200 due1/30/2020
  • $1,199 due 2/15/2020 (Non-refundable after 2/20/2020!!)

Tentative Itinerary for Field Trip to JAPAN (Example!)

  • March 27 (Fri)
    Meeting at O'Hare International Airport. Leaving for Osaka, Japan.
  • March 28 (Sat)
    Arriving in Osaka and transfer to Kyoto. Hotel Check-in
  • March 29 (Sun)
    Osaka Castle. Fushimi Grand Shrine, Sanjusangen-do Temple.
  • March 30 (Mon)
    Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion) and Ryoan-ji Temple (The rock garden) through Ritsumeikan University (Shingo's University). Hirano Shrine and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.
  • March 31 (Tue)
    Kiyomizu-Temple, Maruyama Park, Yasaka Shrine, and Heian Jingu Shrine, Kyoto Handicraft Center! Gion Corner (Traditional Japanese Performing Arts Theater such as Kyogen, Bunraku, Gagaku, Kyomai)
  • April 1 (Wed)
    The Phoenix Pavilion (Byodo-in), Daigo-ji temple, Nijo Castle
  • April 2 (Thu)
    Daikaku-ji Temple (Calligraphy Hands-on), Nonomiya Shrine, Togetsu Bridge, Bamboo Path, Tenryuji Temple. Arashiyama Park.
  • April 3 (Fri)
    Nanzenji Temple, Eikando Temple, Nyakuoji Shrine. Philosopher's Path, Ginkaku-ji Temple (The Silver Pavilion)
  • April 4 (Sat)
    Half-day trip to Nara. (Todai-ji Temple, Kasuga Shrine, Nara Deer Park, etc.)
  • April 5 (Sun)
    Transfer to Kansai Airport. Leaving for Chicago via Taipei.
    Arriving in Chicago


Notes: Students are required to complete several assignments during thefield

            trip and submit to the instructor on April 5.


N.B. This scheduling should be comfortable even though it looks too hectic!