About Melina Martin

Areas of Research Interest:

First-Year Composition
Writing Across the Curriculum
Practical Writing
Nineteenth-Century British Literature
Early American Literature

Recent Courses Taught:

First-Year Composition 
Introduction to Fiction
Practical Writing 

Current Projects:
Writing a dissertation, "The Rise and Fall of America's Soft Power, or Cultural Capital, inNineteenth-Century British Fiction," to complete a Ph.D. at Northern Illinois University

Presenting on peer-review practices at the Illinois Association of Teachers of English Conference and electronic portfolios at the National Council of Teachers of English Convention

Selected Publications, Presentations, Performances, Books:

"The Inauthentic Translations in The Invention of Love"; "The Real Thing": Essays in Celebration of Tom Stoppard's 75th Birthday. Eds. Amanda Smothers and William Baker. Cambridge SP, 2013. 202-20.

"Using Scenarios in a Composition Classroom to Foster Transferrable Skills" IATE Newsletter 49.2 (2012). 

"The 'Ideality in his Mind': Charlotte Brontë's Method of Depicting America in Shirley." Victorians Institute Conference. Murfreesboro, TN. (November 2013)

"Matthew Arnold's Agenda for His Apparent Divagation from Emerson." Midwest Modern Language Association. Cincinnati, OH. (November 2012)

"'Only Connect': Building the Bridge between Theory and Practice to Encourage Meaningful Learning" with Nicole Smith. Illinois Association of Teachers of English. Bloomington, IL. (October 2012)

"Inquiry 2.0: Higher-Level Thinking and Digital Engagement for Student Writers" with Nicole Smith. Illinois Association of Teachers of English. Springfield, IL. (February 2012)

"Stoppard's Translations of Artists and Scholars in The Invention of Love." Midwest Modern Language Association. St. Louis, MO. (November 2011)

"The Distinctly American Book of Mormon: The Emphasis on Conversion by Sensory Experience and Testimony." Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. Scottsdale, AZ. (October 2011)

"Conflict in the Classroom" with Nicole Cox-Budreau. Allerton English Articulation Conference. Champaign, IL. (April 2010)

"Willoughby's Letter in Sense and Sensibility as Artifice and Thus a Destruction of Mental and Physical Peace." Midwestern Conference on Language, Literature, and Media. DeKalb, IL. (March 2010)

"Henry Wilcox as Margaret Schlegel's Nemesis: An Examination of the Urban Culture's Influence on the Deterioration of the Soul in E.M. Forster's Howards End." Conference on Christianity and Literature. Wheaton, IL. (September 2009)

"An Anglo-Catholic's Poems' Ostensible Divagation from Anglo-Catholicism: Examining Death in Christina Rossetti's Poems." Midwestern Conference on Language, Literature, and Media. DeKalb, IL. (March 2009)


M.A. in English Literature, Northern Illinois University                                                                

B.A. in English, Elmhurst College