Tony Bowers

Instructor, English

Tel.: (630) 942-2688
Berg Instructional Center (BIC), Room 2H05E


Areas of Research Interest

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Developmental Writing
  • Writing-as-content versus writing-as-rhetorical analysis (combining creative writing techniques with compositional writing)
  • Language stylistics (focusing on dialog, regional accents, individual dialects, grammar, sentence length, active and passive voice, etc.)
  • Constructivist Theory (Making meaning based on connecting experience with ideas)
  • Applied Linguistic (Bringing together writing, reading, listening, speaking and critical thinking into one discipline focusing on "real world" language studies and expression)
  • Creativity and the effects on cognition


Recent Courses Taught:

  • English 1101 - Composition 1
  • English 1102 - Composition 2
  • English 2250 - Introduction to Creative Writing


Current Projects

  • The accelerated learning pilot program for COD J&J's Jive Revue
    (a novel)


Selected Publications, Presentations, Performances, Books:

  • Expressions from Englewood Anthology: "Something Like Baseball"
  • "On The Nine" a short story collection
  • Essential Summer Reader: Elements Anthology: "Love is the Thing"



  • Masters in Teaching, June 2010 - National Louis University
  • Masters in Creative Writing, June 2009 - Columbia College Chicago
  • Bachelors in Marketing Communications, June 1995 - Columbia College Chicago