Areas of Research Interest

  • Rhetorical Theory, Composition Theory, Writing Program Administration

Current Projects

  • Accardi, Steven and Jillian Grauman. "The Ineffectiveness of the Facutly Development Workshop: The Need for Disciplinarity, Expertise, and Intergration," (CCC, revise and resubmit)
  • Accardi, Steven. "Nonbinary Rhetorics: Breaking, Displacing, and Becoming," in progress

Selected Publications

  • Accardi, Steven, Annie Del Principe, Jillian Grauman, Brett Griffiths, Jeffery Klausman, Sarah Snyder, and Domnique Zino. "Writing Programs at TYCs: Where We Are and Where We Ought to Be." Teaching English in the Two-Year College, forthcoming
  • Accardi, Steven, Nicholas Behm, and Peter Vandenberg. "Assembling Multi-institutional Writing Programs: Reimagining the English Major While Expanding Writing Studies." WPA: Writing Program Administration 46.1 (2022): 16-36.
  • Accardi, Steven and Jillian Grauman. "Structural Barriers and Knowledge Production at the Two-Year College." WPA: Writing Program Administration 43.3 (2020): 73-87.
  • Accardi, Steven. "Rhetoric and Composition as Community Engagement: Toward Mending Community and Town and Gown Divides." Composition Studies 45.1 (2017): 143-165.
  • Accardi, Steven. "Agency." Keywords in Writing Studies Eds. Paul Heilker and Peter Vandenberg. Logan, UT: Utah State U P. 2015. 1-5.
  • Accardi, Steven. "The Pitfalls of (Over)Professionalizing in Graduate School." What We Wish We'd Known: Negotiating Graduate School Eds. Ryan Skinnell, Judy Holiday, and Christine Vassett. Southlake, TX: Fountainhead P., 2015. 189-93.
  • Matsuda, Paul Kei, Tanita Saenkhum, and Steven Accardi. "Writing Teachers' Perceptions of the Presence and Needs of Second Language Writers: An Institutional Case Study." Journal of Second Language Writing 22.1 (2013): 68-86.
  • Accardi, Steven and Bethany Davila. "Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: A Multifield Approach for Today's Composition Students." Teaching English in the Two-Year College 35.1 (2007): 54-61.
  • Accardi, Steven. "Discursive Disclosure: Changing Tutoring Sessions to Curb Cultural Assimilation." The Writing Lab Newsletter 30.4 (2005): 5-8.