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Long-Term Care Administration (LTC)

  • LTC 1130 
    Introduction to Long-Term Care Services

    3 credit hours

    Students will be introduced to the organization and management of long-term care services. Other areas include the impact of state and federal regulations as well as issues around the funding services. Students will also examine the health services needed for current and future populations in long-term care. Prerequisite: English 1101 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or concurrent enrollment in English 1101. This course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One (3 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1140 
    Intro to Nursing Home Administration

    3 credit hours

    Introduction to the responsibilities of the nursing facility administrator, licensure procedures, and standards. Relevant legal, funding, and program issues are addressed. Prerequisite: Long Term Care Administration 1130 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent. (3 lecture hours)

  • LTC 1160 
    Social Gerontology and Long-Term Care

    3 credit hours

    Students will be introduced to the physical, psychological, sociological, and financial aspects of aging. Other topics will include long-term care options and current social policies and programs that can benefit the older adult. Course requires Reading Placement Category 1 and Writing Placement Category 1. (3 lecture hours)