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  • Chemistry (CHEMI)   1551 (IAI P1 902L/CHM 911)
    Principles of Chemistry I

    5 credit hours

    This is the first course of a two-semester sequence of general chemistry for science and engineering majors. Topics include: measurement, the mole concept, composition and reaction stoichiometry, types of reactions, thermochemistry, atomic theories, chemical periodicity, bonding, molecular geometry, and properties and theories of the gaseous, liquid, and solid states. Laboratory includes both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Prerequisite: Mathematics 1428 (or college equivalent) or Mathematics 1431 (or college equivalent) with a grade of C or better, or qualifying score on the mathematics placement test or a qualifying A.C.T. math score and one year high school chemistry with a satisfactory grade or Chemistry 0485 (or college equivalent) with a grade of C or better. (4 lecture hours, 3 lab hours)