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Virtual Event: SBDC Funding Through SBA Loans

Virtual Event: SBDC Funding Through SBA Loans

Wednesday, 03 November, 2021

Location: Online/Webinar


The live webinar covers basic concepts of funding through an SBA loan. We will explain various loan programs, how you can test whether you and your business are eligible, and how SBA loans work. You will get an overview of the paperwork required and a brief chapter about alternative funding. This live webinar encourages questions from the audience and allows for time at the end to answer questions provided through the chat box.

About the Speaker(s):

Sue Malone, president and CEO of National Lien Law, helps contractors across the nation with easy and cost efficient lien forms. She is the number one provider, SBA Export Express and SBA SLA v.2 and director of marketing for Superior Financial Group. Sue helped fund more than 41,000 SBA loans, which include Patriot Express loans, Export Express, Community Express and now Small Lender Advantage v.2, and became the largest SBA lender by volume. She holds several national board positions with a focus on veterans and entrepreneurship.

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