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Virtual Event: PTAC Capability Statement Why Pick You?

Virtual Event: PTAC Capability Statement Why Pick You?

Tuesday, 21 September, 2021

Location: Online/Webinar


Business Status: Startup, Existing

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

You have done your research and know which governmental agency or prime contractor you want contact and start doing business with. When you call the OSDBU or SBLO, (You will also learn more about whom these people are and how to find them.) you ask all of the right questions and the conversation goes well. At the end of the call, you are told to send over a Capability Statement for further review. Brakes on!

Do you have this document? Do you have the expected information laid out in a way that is easily readable and defined? This document is a crucial tool for all levels of government contracting, including federal, state, and local entities. It also serves as an introduction device for agencies, prime contractors, and teaming partners. A well done Capabilities Statement demonstrates proof of your qualifications, past performance, and sets you apart from your competition.

This webinar will go over what you should include in your capabilities statement, what types of information are expected, and how to best leverage your past work experience to demonstrate your ability to perform on future opportunities.

Register now: https://ilsbdc.ecenterdirect.com/events/34743




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