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Virtual Event: SBDC Murphy's Law, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Virtual Event: SBDC Murphy's Law, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Tuesday, 19 January, 2021

Location: Online/Webinar


Business Status: Pre-Venture, Startup, Existing

Future-Proof Your Business Series: You never know when or where a disaster may strike. Planning to minimize the impact of future events relies on knowing which types of disaster could affect you and your business. Attendees not planning to follow the whole series are strongly advised to take the session ‘When Murphy Meets your Financials’ in addition to this session. This session will be focused on disaster preparedness.

At the end of the session attendees will:

  • Appreciate the realities of what could actually ‘go wrong’ and impact your business operations.
  • Understand the value of evaluating potential business impacting issues and responses before they occur.
  • Have a range of resources you can use to build resilience into your business plans and day to day operations.


About the Speaker:

Tom Brady: Associate Dean, Public Services, College of DuPage. Tom is an experienced law enforcement practitioner who has been involved in the investigation and management of many headline grabbing crises.

Register now: https://ilsbdc.ecenterdirect.com/events/33737 




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