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Global Lookism and the Impact on Women's Career Development

Global Lookism and the Impact on Women's Career Development

Monday, 16 November, 2020

Location: Online/Webinar


Presented as part of Global Education Week, COD Associate Vice President of Academic Partnerships and Learning Resources Cynthia Sims discusses her research that led to the publication of "The Politics of Lookism in Global Workplaces: Physical and Personal Appearance Discrimination in the 21st Century Workplace."

Lookism is physical appearance discrimination and is also known as beautyism. It encompasses colorism, weightism, heightism, ageism and ableism, each granting power and privilege to those who are considered physically appealing and assumed to be more intelligent, capable and socially acceptable. These forms of inequitable treatment negatively impact one’s self-image and one’s career aspirations, job opportunities and work environment. Additionally, lookism is not unique to the United States. It is a diversity and inclusion issue that is practiced and accepted in around the world.

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