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Virtual Event - National Depression Screening Day

Virtual Event - National Depression Screening Day

Thursday, 08 October, 2020

Location: Online/Webinar


In support of National Depression Screening Day, Counseling, Advising & Transfer Services will provide free screenings and resources. Learn about depression and how you may be affected by symptoms. Participants will have the opportunity to virtually meet with a counselor to review their results, schedule a counseling appointment and, if necessary, receive referrals to community resources.  

Participants can choose to take the online, anonymous, screening (link below) prior to the event or can have the Counselor provide the screening during their virtual meeting. 

 Event link

Instructions to Participate: 

  1. Click to take the online, anonymous screening at https://www.helpyourselfhelpothers.org prior to the event. The steps to take the test are: Click on "individuals" --> "take a screening" --> "feeling sad, down, or empty."
  2. Participate in the Virtual Depression Screening Event link to meet with a counselor and discuss your results or receive resources.




Dr. Silvia Donatelli

Website: Click to Visit


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