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Webinar: Nod, Bow or Shake Hand? How Not to Offend Your Partners in East Asia

Webinar: Nod, Bow or Shake Hand? How Not to Offend Your Partners in East Asia

Tuesday, 17 March, 2020

Location: College of DuPage Business Development Center

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Effective cross-cultural communication is one of the essential skills for global business professionals. Given different cultural contexts, meeting your East Asian business partners for the first time can be an intimidating experience.

East Asian business communication involves formal manners and etiquette, non-verbal cues occur in a split second. Hiring an interpreter might help you to break the language barrier but can’t shield or undo “the damage” once it is done.

Join this webinar to learn from the expert- build your cultural awareness and better prepare for your next meetings with partners from the region.

Learning Objective:

1. Where are you on the path of doing business with East Asia?

2. The importance of body language and non-verbal cues.

3. 5 major mistakes in Western mannerism and body language to avoid.

4. Nod, bow or shake hands? How to make a good first impression.

5. What to do and NOT to do in a video conference call?

6. Keys to building sustainable relationships with your partner.

Questions are welcome, please submit your questions from March 3 to 13.

About your speaker:

Yvonne Wolf

Intercultural Consultant, Chinese Intercultural LLC

Taiwan-born, educated in the U.S. and Europe, Yvonne is a trilingual (English/ Mandarin-Chinese/ Danish) with an extensive international background. She lived and worked in Europe and Asia as Corporate Trainer for Human Resources and Global Language, she has visited over 20 countries across the world.

She is passionate about cross-cultural communication and has been focusing on training U.S. business professionals to understand East Asian body language, non-verbal cues, etiquette needed from a different cultural perspective.

“Yvonne gave me a new perspective on the essential skills in working with Chinese culture. I strongly recommend anyone working with Chinese business partners to consult Yvonne for Chinese business communication skills... ”

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