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Living Leadership Program- Protest Movements and Agents of Change

Living Leadership Program- Protest Movements and Agents of Change

Thursday, 04 November, 2021

Location: Online/Webinar


Virtual, Two-Part Event

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This program is FREE for College of DuPage students. 

Students who complete this experience and submit a reflection as part of their portfolio will earn a "GLOBAL LEADERSHIP" designation on their Living Leadership Program Certificate.

Living Leadership Program members are welcome to participate in a Virtual Exchange Program hosted by Living Leadership in partnership with EDU Africa!

What is the topic?

This opportunity will focus on various protest movements in Africa such as “This Flag” in Zimbabwe, “Fees Must Fall” in South Africa. Leaders of these movements will offer different perspectives on the meaning of and need for, change. The session will provoke participants to discuss the following questions in-depth: what does “protest” mean? What sparks revolution? How/what does change look like for various people in different contexts and, perhaps most importantly, how can we bring about change in society today?

What is a Virtual Exchange Program?

This program consists of two virtual meetings (1 week apart) where students will be speaking directly with protest movement participants - you will be able to hear their stories first-hand, their successes, and their challenges. Participation in BOTH sessions is REQUIRED.

Who will we meet?

Malusi Ngidi

Malusi is a finance and management studies student at the University of Cape Town, a key location in the “fees must fall’ protests in 2015. Malusi took not only took part in the protests but was also in a group of students called the Forum who were coordinating and heading negotiations with the University of Cape Town at the time.

Nyasha Musandu

Nyasha Musandu is currently a knowledge management and digital communication specialist at Mercy Corps. Nyasha is a motivated and driven individual, who possesses the qualities necessary to deliver to any role that requires strategic and tactical communication support, planning, or project management. It is these qualities that she brought to #ThisFlag, where she formed part of the core behind-the-scenes strategic communications team.

What will I learn?

By the end of this experience, participants should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of different political players in East and Southern Africa

  2. Explore the meanings, limits, and possibilities of revolutionary change in a global context

  3. Articulate a personal vision for change in their home context

Students participating in this program should be aware of and be prepared for the following:

  • Ability to access high-speed internet connectivity and use the following online platform: Zoom

  • Willingness to adapt to unpredictable circumstances (e.g. connectivity issues)

  • Willingness to engage in real-time discussions and activities

  • Being open to discussing racial politics and various political views

  • Commit to the hours outlined in the program and be considerate of the difference in time zones

  • Signing and adhering to the policies outlined in EDU Africa’s Virtual Exchange Participant Agreement Form




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