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Angela Massey, owner of Nonprofit Empowerment Group is the epitome of persistence. She originally started with the PTAC program in 2014, and engaged the services of the PTAC at College of DuPage in 2015. During her first session, she already had figured a few things out, but wanted to better understand how everything in the federal contracting space fit together. Amber Gardner, PTAC Coordinator made sure Angela was aware of all of her certification options as well as other contracting efforts such as engaging with OSDBUs (Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization), utilizing subcontracting directories, and using PTAC's bid matching services to find opportunities. After fine-tuning her Capability Statement, Angela dove into contracting headfirst. She definitely is an information junkie (Which is a good thing!) and is not afraid to ask for clarification when she needs it. Most importantly, she keeps at it. She does an excellent job of bidding and bidding often, and engaging PTAC advisors for solicitation reviews, and proposal reviews when there is time. She also does well with getting debriefings and using that information to improve her proposals each time. Recently, she landed a contract with the U.S. Department of the Navy, and her PTAC advisors are not one bit surprised her efforts have finally paid off. We are actually looking forward to Angela being able to reap even more rewards for her efforts! Angela is a fabulous client to watch grow and succeed because she is a great example of someone who takes advice, combines it with her expertise, and puts it into action.

Angela Massey, owner of Nonprofit Empowerment Group stated:

"NEG's top value is integrity. We deliver what we promise and we only promise what is in our capabilities and PTAC is helping us express that, so our value proposition comes through in our work.  Also, PTAC has been our key partner to understand and navigate the Federal contracting space, as we work to serve the needs of the Government in short and long term. We look forward to maintaining long and productive relationships with the Federal Agencies."

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