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Accurate BiometricsAccurate Biometrics is a Woman-Owned Certified Illinois Small Business and an Illinois Certified Female Business Enterprise (FBE) under the Business Enterprise Program (BEP). They are a service corporation that has been in business since 2000, dedicated to providing fingerprint based background checks and identity services to public and private sector agencies and organizations. Accurate Biometrics is committed to the industry of fingerprint-based criminal history background checks, and sets itself apart from other fingerprint vendors. 

Accurate Biometrics won their first federal award on March 5, 2014. They inquired with Rita Haake for contract administration and sent a review of all areas to focus on for administration over the 5 year period of the contract. Client followed up a day later, that they received a 'stay order' regarding their contract -a protest was filed. PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center) researched and found the protest through GAO, and noted the investigation could take until June 2014. The owners, Jim and Peggy Critchfield were offered insight and instructed to ask for a debriefing to find out why they won. In June 2014, although the Contracting Officer said the protest was dismissed by GAO, the stay remained in place, and understandably, the client got frustrated. Rather than bringing in congressional force, AB was encouraged to utilize the SBA and a Procurement Center Representative (PCR). The next day, Jim was notified that the stay was lifted on their award and they could move forward in executing. 

As stated by AB, "The PTAC from the College of DuPage Center of Entrepreneurship, has been a vital resource for Accurate Biometrics since purchasing the company in 2005. The award of the recent CMS contact- Fingerprint Based Background Checks for Medicare Provider/Supplier Fraud Prevention HHSM-500-2014-00196C, was result of many years of guidance by the PTAC, preparing our company to be qualified to be a federal contractor. Accurate Biometrics has attended several meetings sponsored by the PTAC on navigating the federal contracting sector. All of the steps we have taken from registering on SAM, following FesBizOpps, preparing Capability Statements, learning how to read and respond to bids, have been under the guidance of Rita Haake and her team."

AB had multiple questions regarding employed personnel versus contractors for the contract. The solicitation and their proposal response was reviewed and there was room for the client to make personnel adjustments and still be successful in their award. Nearly a year to the date of award, the contract for CMS was reported on AB's economic impact form. As they continue work on this contract, they have brought in Sherri Daniels, Director of Business Development to help them focus governmentally and find other contract opportunities in March 2015. Sherri has been working with Amber Gardner to refine and best utilize their bid match profile, as well as overcome the initial struggles of learning government contracting that the owners, Jim and Peggy had to overcome themselves.

PTAC always tries hard to meet all expectations, thank you AB for your kinds words, "What we appreciate most working with the PTAC is the thorough and quick response to our questions and the direct communication notifying us of Bids and Seminars as well as conferences that are pertinent to us as a fingerprint service provider. The benefit of the contract award to our business in the short term has been technology and communication upgrades that have allowed us to operate more efficiently and elevate our infrastructure to the rigors of federal standards. We are very proud to have been awarded a second year on our contract and are grateful to the PTAC for their continued support on this and hopefully "future" federal contracts." 

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