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Term Section Name and
Location Meeting Information Faculty Credits Course Types
Spring 2016CIT-1635-HYB20 Network PlusAddison Area01/26/2016-03/15/2016 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday Thursday 6:30PM - 8:20PM, Addison Center, Room 111  1st 8 week session; Hybrid
Spring 2016CIT-2173-001 Virtualization ICMMain Campus01/26/2016-03/15/2016 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday Thursday 6:30PM - 10:20PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1624 B. Stout 1st 8 week session
Spring 2016CRIMJ-2310-007 Forensic CSIMain Campus01/26/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday 7:00PM - 9:50PM, Homeland Security Educa Center, Room 2009 K. Miller 16 week session
Spring 2016ECEC-2211-001 Child Health/Safety/NutritionMain Campus01/27/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Discussion Wednesday 10:00AM - 12:50PM, Early Childhood Ed Ctr, Room 1005 P. Sullivan 16 week session
Spring 2016ENGLI-1101-FS040 English Composition 1Main Campus01/26/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday Thursday 12:30PM - 1:45PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1730 C. Huegelmann 16 week session; Field & Interdisciplinary; Written Communication
Spring 2016ENGLI-1102-FS045 English Composition 2Main Campus01/26/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday Thursday 9:30AM - 10:45AM, Culinary & Hospitality Center, Room 1021 C. Huegelmann 16 week session; Field & Interdisciplinary; Written Communication
Spring 2016FIRE-2283-HYB01 Emergency Medical ResponderMain Campus01/26/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday 2:00PM - 4:50PM, Homeland Security Educa Center, Room 1002  16 week session; Hybrid
Spring 2016HIT-1103-001 Computer Health Data & StatsMain Campus01/26/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday Thursday 2:30PM - 4:55PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 2634  
Spring 2016HUMNT-1110-LC030 Arts & Cultural DiversityMain Campus01/26/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday Thursday 11:00AM - 12:15PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 2514 J. Price 16 week session; Learning Communities; Fine Arts; Human Relations; Humanities
Spring 2016MANUF-2252-001 CNC OperationsMain Campus01/27/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Lab Discussion Wednesday 6:00PM - 9:50PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 0013 R. Fultz 16 week session
Spring 2016SPEEC-1120-LC030 Small-Group CommunicationMain Campus01/25/2016-05/20/2016 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 1:00PM - 2:15PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3409 L. Morgan 16 week session; Learning Communities; Oral Communications; Human Relations; Contemporary Life Skills
Summer 2016CULIN-1800-FS065 French Country CookingMain Campus08/07/2016-08/13/2016 Lab/Lab Discussion Field Studies Ctr, Room TBA  Custom Session; Field & Interdisciplinary; Study Abroad
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