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These new sections are in current term order and by subject area (alpha).
Term Section Name and
Location Meeting Information Faculty Credits Course Types
Summer 2015HOSP-2863-CP007 Internship (Career/Tech Ed)Main Campus06/29/2015-08/02/2015 Internship  2nd 5 week session; Internship; Contemporary Life Skills
Fall 2015CIS-2770-HYB02 Intro System Analysis & DesignMain Campus09/18/2015-12/18/2015 Lecture/Discussion Friday 9:00AM - 11:50AM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1512 J. Partacz 12 week session; Hybrid
Fall 2015DMIR-2604-001 Clinical Experience in CIVRMain Campus08/24/2015-12/18/2015 Clinical Clinicals, Room TBA S. Thacker 16 week session
Fall 2015FASHI-2235-003 Apparel Quality AnalysisMain Campus08/26/2015-12/18/2015 Lecture/Discussion Wednesday 7:00PM - 9:50PM, Student Resource Center, Room 1004 E. Stevens 16 week session
Fall 2015HORT-2214-HYB01 Advanced 3D Landscape DesignMain Campus08/25/2015-10/14/2015 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday 6:00PM - 8:50PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 1015 B. Clement 1st 8 week session; Hybrid
Fall 2015INTER-2511-003 Kitchen and Bath Design IMain Campus08/26/2015-12/18/2015 Lecture/Lab Discussion Wednesday 10:00AM - 1:50PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 3026  16 week session
Fall 2015MCOMM-2870-CP001 Internship (Transfer)Main Campus08/24/2015-12/18/2015 Internship D. Felix 16 week session; Internship; Contemporary Life Skills
Fall 2015NURSI-2160-NET01 Pharmacology and DiseaseMain Campus08/24/2015-10/14/2015 Internet/Online COD internet-based courses, Room NA  1st 8 week session; Internet/online
Fall 2015NURSI-2320-010 Complex Health ProblemsMain Campus08/25/2015-11/03/2015 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday 9:00AM - 11:50AM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 1135 08/25/2015-11/03/2015 Clinical Clinicals, Room TBA S. Born Custom Session
Fall 2015RESP-2303-002 Clinical Practice IMain Campus08/25/2015-09/24/2015 Lab/Lab Discussion Tuesday Thursday 6:00PM - 10:00PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 2110 09/29/2015-12/18/2015 Clinical Tuesday Thursday 7:00PM - 11:59PM, Clinicals, Room TBA 09/29/2015-12/18/2015 Clinical Tuesday Thursday 12:01AM - 7:00AM, Clinicals, Room TBA M. Henry 16 week session
Fall 2015SIGN-1101-003 American Sign Language IMain Campus08/27/2015-12/18/2015 Lecture/Discussion Thursday 6:30PM - 9:20PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 2518  16 week session
Fall 2015SLPA-1101-003 Intro to Speech Lang PathologyMain Campus08/27/2015-12/18/2015 Lecture/Discussion Friday 10:00AM - 1:50PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 1311  
Fall 2015SPEEC-1100-EC750 Fundmntls Speech CommunicationWest Chicago Area08/24/2015-12/18/2015 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday Friday 2:00PM - 2:50PM, West Chicago HS, Room POST C. Miller 16 week session; Early College; Oral Communications
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