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Location Meeting Information Faculty Credits Course Types
Spring 2020ANAT-1552-023 Human Anatomy & Physiology IIMain Campus02/18/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday 6:00PM - 9:40PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 1114 02/18/2020-05/15/2020 Lab/Lab Discussion Thursday 6:00PM - 9:40PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 2303 J. Stoia, J. Stoia 12 week session; General Science
Spring 2020BIOLO-1110-004 Environmental BiologyMain Campus02/17/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Monday Wednesday 9:00AM - 12:20PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 1307 A. Johnson 12 week session; General Science ; Life Sciences
Spring 2020BUSIN-1100-HYB70 Introduction to BusinessCarol Stream Area01/23/2020-03/11/2020 Lecture/Discussion Thursday 6:00PM - 8:50PM, Carol Stream Center, Room 123B M. Coussens 1st 8 week session; Hybrid; Contemporary Life Skills
Spring 2020CIS-2320-001 Javascript/Advanced HTMLMain Campus01/23/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Thursday 7:00PM - 9:50PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1D07 M. Morovati 16 week session
Spring 2020CIT-1100-601 IT FundamentalsNaperville Area01/22/2020-03/11/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Monday Wednesday 6:30PM - 9:20PM, Naperville Center, Room 09 B. Thompson 1st 8 week session; Contemporary Life Skills
Spring 2020CIT-2410-003 Enterprise Internet TelephonyMain Campus03/12/2020-05/08/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Tuesday Thursday 9:00AM - 12:50PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1F05 J. Wagner 2nd 8 week session
Spring 2020CULIN-1120-005 SanitationMain Campus03/18/2020-05/08/2020 Lecture/Discussion Wednesday 6:00PM - 8:00PM, Culinary & Hospitality Center, Room 1022  2nd 8 week session
Spring 2020DMIR-1100-008 Introduction to DMIRMain Campus01/27/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday 10:00AM - 11:50AM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 2311 S. Dumford 16 week session
Spring 2020ELS-0771-050 ESL Begin Listen/SpeakMain Campus02/17/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 6:30PM - 8:55PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 2525 D. Hamdan 12 week session
Spring 2020ENGLI-1102-021 English Composition 2Main Campus02/18/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday Thursday 8:00AM - 9:50AM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1A05 J. Greene 12 week session; Written Communication
Spring 2020ENGLI-1161-010 Multicultural Literature U.S.Main Campus01/22/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 1:00PM - 2:15PM, McAninch Arts Center, Room 249 S. Trestrail 16 week session; Humanities; Global/Multi Studies; Human Relations; Fine Arts
Spring 2020FASHI-2300-002 Flat Pattern Drafting IIMain Campus01/23/2020-05/15/2020 Lab/Lab Discussion Monday Thursday 6:00PM - 8:50PM, Student Resource Center, Room 1008  16 week session
Spring 2020FIRE-2286-002 Pediatric EducationMain Campus01/22/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Wednesday 1:30PM - 5:20PM, Homeland Security Educa Center, Room 1009 J. Gilles, S. Sievers 16 week session
Spring 2020HORT-1120-HYB01 Landscape LightingMain Campus03/19/2020-05/14/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Thursday 5:00PM - 8:30PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 1011 K. Battistoni Custom Session; Hybrid
Spring 2020HORT-2221-003 Plant PropagationMain Campus01/27/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Monday 5:30PM - 9:20PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 0028 F. Balestri 16 week session
Spring 2020HOSP-1203-002 New World Wine AdvancementsMain Campus02/17/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Tuesday 6:00PM - 9:40PM, Culinary & Hospitality Center, Room 1020 E. Kowal 12 week session
Spring 2020HUMNT-1105-010 Non-Western HumanitiesMain Campus01/22/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday Friday 9:00AM - 9:50AM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3545 S. Lafferty 16 week session; Fine Arts; Humanities; Global/Multi Studies
Spring 2020HUMNT-1110-045 Arts & Cultural DiversityMain Campus01/22/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 1:00PM - 2:15PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3545 A. Fotos 16 week session; Fine Arts; Human Relations; Humanities
Spring 2020INTER-2710-002 Portfolio ReviewMain Campus01/27/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Lab Discussion Monday 6:00PM - 8:50PM, Technical Education Ctr, Room 3028 S. Nordstrom 16 week session
Spring 2020JAPAN-1101-050 Elementary Japanese IMain Campus01/22/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 7:00PM - 8:50PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 1465 S. Satsutani 16 week session; Humanities; Global/Multi Studies; Fine Arts
Spring 2020MATH-0465-014 Gen Education Math PrepMain Campus01/22/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday Friday 12:00PM - 1:30PM, Berg Instructional Center, Room 3456 M. McCabe 16 week session
Spring 2020MATH-1218-NET04 General Education MathOnline02/17/2020-05/15/2020 Internet/Online COD internet-based courses, Room NA L. McGregor 12 week session; Internet/online; Mathematics
Spring 2020MUSIC-1170-003 Class VoiceMain Campus02/17/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 11:00AM - 12:10PM, McAninch Arts Center, Room 225 E. Murphy 12 week session; Humanities; Fine Arts
Spring 2020NURSI-1170-003 Nursing PharmacologyMain Campus03/13/2020-05/08/2020 Lecture/Discussion Wednesday Friday 2:00PM - 4:50PM, Health and Science Ctr, Room 2120 A. Saravanan 2nd 8 week session
Spring 2020PHILO-1110-041 EthicsMain Campus02/17/2020-05/15/2020 Lecture/Discussion Monday Wednesday 12:00PM - 1:50PM, McAninch Arts Center, Room 153  12 week session; Humanities; Human Relations; Global/Multi Studies; Fine Arts
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