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Virtual NSO Resources

We are so excited for you to join us at Spring Virtual NSO! 

This is where you will find resources for the day of Virtual NSO, as well as after Virtual NSO. You can also access this information on Blackboard, along with further introductory resources to prepare you for VNSO. In preparation, make sure you have the most updated version of Zoom. Please refer to the resource links on the right column of this page.  

**You will only be able to access Blackboard when you are enrolled in classes.**

To help ensure that we provide a welcoming and safe virtual environment for all our students and participants, please review the following protocols & guidelines.

  1. Be respectful- Respect privacy, diversity, and the opinions of others
  2. Dress appropriately- Be dressed in a manner appropriate for a classroom
  3. Be aware of your surroundings- Adjust your set up to ensure that your background is professional and appropriate
  4. Don't abuse the chat box- Enter appropriate questions or comments
  5. Use your official name in Zoom (virtual platform being used)- Once you join your Virtual NSO Session, please make sure your name appears as it does legally and in our Academic Records. You may add preferred gender pronouns at the end of your name if you would like.
    • You may officially add a preferred name and pronoun upon application to the college and add or change your preferred name online through your myACCESS account using the Personal Contact Information change Request form. To add or change your pronoun, contact the Office of Student Records. You can receive a school ID card that matches your preferences through Student Life.
  6. Don't post or share inappropriate material- Be cautious of the information you are sharing

All Virtual/Online activity is subject to follow the College of DuPage values and code of conduct. **If there is any inappropriate behavior and these rules are not followed we hold the right to mute your microphone, turn off your camera, or remove you from the session at any moment.**

Please refer to the Success Tips for Virtual NSO to help you navigate orientation for the best virtual experience.