Respiratory Care student in lab

Respiratory Care Student Learning Outcomes

The following Student Learning Outcomes are in alignment with CoARC TMC detailed content outline.

Respiratory Care program graduates will

  • Evaluate data in the patient record
  • Gather clinical information through patient assessment
  • Perform procedures to gather clinical information
  • Evaluate procedure results
  • Recommend diagnostic procedures
  • Assemble and troubleshoot equipment
  • Ensure infection control
  • Perform quality control procedures
  • Initiation and modification of interventions to maintain a patent airway
  • Initiation and modification of interventions to perform airway clearance and lung expansion techniques
  • Initiation and modification of interventions to support oxygenation and ventilation
  • Initiation and modification administer medications and specialty gases
  • Ensure modifications are made to the respiratory care plan to improve patient outcomes
  • Use evidence-based medicine principles
  • Provide respiratory care techniques in high-risk situations
  • Assist a physician/provider in performing procedures
  • Initiate and conduct patient and family education

Program Contact Information

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