patient receiving Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy Course Sequence

The COD Proton Therapy Advanced Certificate is considered a non-traditional program consisting of an online didactic component followed by onsite lecture and lab practicum. Clinical experience is the final component of the program. This final component may be completed at the Cadence Health Proton Center in Warrenville, IL or at another proton therapy center with proper approval and permission. Participants can elect to complete the program in approximately one semester or as many as three. Certificate seeking students must complete all 16 credit hours.

Program Courses

  • RATH 2351 Principles and Practice of Proton Therapy (8 credit hours)
  • RATH 2352 Proton Therapy Lab Practicum (5 credit hours)
  • RATH 2353* Clinical Experience (3 credit hours)

*RATH 2351 and 2352 must be completed prior to enrolling in RATH 2353

One Semester Completion

  • RATH 2351 (entire semester)
  • RATH 2352 (completed within first 8 weeks of semester)
  • RATH 2353 (complete in second 8 weeks of semester) 

Two Semester Completion

  • Semester "A" RATH 2351
  • Semester "B" RATH 2352 & 2353

Three Semester Completion

  • Semester "A" RATH 2351
  • Semester "B" RATH 2352
  • Semester "C" RATH 2353

Program Contact Information

Please visit the Program Contacts page for detailed information.